Pok mon Perl and Diamond So you will find all evolutionary stones

If you want to evolve all your companions in Pokémon Bright Diamond and Glowing Pearl, you need a whole handful of evolutionary stones. These are, however, as always RAR sown and partially hidden well. That’s why we’ll tell you where you can find all nine species of evolutionary stones in Diamante and Perl.

Here you find the flint

There are two fires in the game, and both are in the forge. You can find one at the edge, next to some booster pads. The other gives you the NPC Fuel, if you have passed through the labyrinth.

Here you find the water stone

From the cool wet on the Route 213! Here is the water stone in a supposed cul-de-sac. Previously, you have two fights against NPCs.

Here you find the leaf stone

Little surprisingly, you can dust the leaf stone near Flora, concretely in the Aden of Flora, north of the city. Here you will find a football that contains the treasure in the midst of a flower meadow.

Here you see Pokémon Perl and Diamond in action:

Here you find the flash stone

For the Blitz stein you go to the coastal town of Sunk in the east of Singh. Here there is a lighthouse, behind which a tramp trail is located. Go down to a rock under which you find the valuable stone.

Here you find the luminous stone

On route 225 you come past a rock that protrudes over a small meadow. At the top of the top lies a luminous stone next to an NPC. A second copy exists in the ground from Blizzard, at the bottom left.

Here you will find the Finkelstein

There are two. One can find in the warehouse of Team Galactic, but you need a key. Number two hides on the victory road behind two rocks that would push her with the VM strength to the side.

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Here you find the Finkelstein

On the iron island there is a cave that you need to enter. With the help of three elevators you have to open all the way up. Here is waiting for the right side of glitter stone on you.

Here you can find the Eternal Stone

For the eternal stone you need to replace. Go into Snow point in the house in the northwest and talk to Mindy, who wants to have a Medic ham of you. In return, you get a Haunter holding the eternal stone in hands.

Here you can find the ovals Stone

Climb to the second floor of the tower of the Dormant. Here is frankly an oval stone, for you must only fight a fight.

Have you been all Evolution stones found in Pokémon Diamond and Bright pearl?

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