Nuremberg s striker K pke for the top game an option

We delivered proper performance in all previous duels with our direct table deposits, but we can not reward us with a victory. We will do everything else to change this on Sunday, says Club Trainer Robert Klaus’s.

That this will not be a slight undertaking understands itself — before weeks ago, Klaus had called the Hamburg as the strongest team of the 2nd league. A judgment by confirming himself confirmed. The respect is great in front of an opponent who acts in the almost equal system as the FAN and that according to the FAN coach makes it in all phases of the game perfect. Conversely, he also emphasizes that We also do some things really well and we should not deal too much with the opponent, but have to focus on our strengths. That St. Pauli is very comfortable, they have also shown their recent two lots.

Council expects an attractive game

This proved Darmstadt at his 4: 0 as well as the top last from Tannhauser, which was first presented at the 1: 3 in the catch-up game on Wednesday, but then to be on turning the game. And so Klaus and his staff have made weaknesses with the Hamburgers and also self-sharpened a plan developed to exploit them — and rehearsed this plan in the current training week. Whether he rises, the Club coach does not know what he foreseen: it will be an attractive game where the opponent can not surprise the FAN. Since the hamburgers have always played against the next opponent of the club, the Nuremberg coaching team has persecuted all their 14 lots in a genuine and thus knows St. Pauli from the Eff eff.

The fact that Klaus also knows Coach Time Schultz’s best and appreciates him very much, the coaching course together greetings, with a view of the game exit in comparison to an edge note. I appreciate very his north German serenity. He is sympathetic untouched and has a clear opinion that he always expresses without many words.

The return to a two storm is close

Speaking of voice: Klaus itself is locked like an oyster, which affects its assault cast. After thinking of the 2-1 in Tannhauser at first with only a real pointed and two capped, hanging behind it, and then failed missing wildness and courage, one could conclude that he will change this at home. The variant with only a real striker, is further an option, says Klaus, however, at the same time to count all its possible options without any rating: two powerful storm tips, a massive and a false or again only one.

Tendency? Not recognizable, do not dissipate, even if the return to a two-storm obvious. What is clear: Dennis Borowski will definitely storm, the 19-year-old has pulled out a muscle injury in training — no heavy, but one that excludes use on Sunday.

Hope moves well and fluid

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The latter is no longer true on Pascal Hope — the attacker could stand on Sunday for the first time since his cruciate ligament tear suffered more than a year ago at least in the match day. For a good two weeks, the 26-year-old graduates the complete team training and is not a duel from the way. The knee does not cause him any problems, he moves well and fluid. For us, he is not an injured person anymore and therefore an option for Sunday. Whether we already take him into the squad, we decide tomorrow, says Klaus.

Are there any 12,000 spectators?

There is a wedding drop in the run-up to the top game: the audience limitation to 12,000, after last the approved 25,000 had always provided for an atmospheric backdrop, not to talk about the financial aspect. While Klaus hopes that the reduced approved trailer will also provide loud support, it is unlikely that there are 12,000 at all. Not because only gourmet and vaccinated come. All also need a current test and must wear the whole game via a FF2 mask.

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