Pok mon Go Special Spotlight

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Pokemon Go takes place today, on 27 November 2021, a limelight hour with Zombies. We from Mango have viewed us what awaits you for this short event and who should use it.

What is that for a limelight hour? As yesterday, there will be a special limelight hour today as part of the Hoop event. This short, one-hour event usually takes place on Tuesdays, but Hoop brings you with his Schabernback this weekend more these events.

As with any other limelight hour, a specific Pokémon will be the focus and more frequently. Today it is Zombies.

Ramp light holding with Osiris — start, shiny and strength

When does the ramp light lesson start? Today, on November 27, 2021, at 12:00 local time the short event starts. As always, she goes a full hour and ends again at 13:00 local time.

Which bonuses are there? Of course you will meet numerous Zombies today who spawn in the wild at every corner. With the help of a smoke you can also attract more specimens. A special bonus does not bring the ramp light hour today.

As with yesterday, however, you can rely on the general bonuses of the Hoop event, which bring you twice the experience points while catching and double sweets while sending.

Are there Zombies as Shiny? Yes, Zombies is available in the game in his dazzling form. Stop after a yellow copy.

How strong is Zombies? The Pokémon of the type Unliking and Spirit comes from the 3rd generation and has neither pre- even further development. While Zombies plays a role due to its rather average values ​​in Raids, it can be points in the Super League (via pvpoke.com).

That’s why you should use the ramp lights today

First and foremost, Osiris is interesting for coaches looking for a strong in appropriating and mind-Pokémon for the Superior. But even Shiny hunters are fully at their expense today.

Star dust bonus: Another big plus is the star dust boost that you receive at Zombies. The Pokémon is one of the 22 monsters where you get extra star dust.

Thus, you will receive 750-Star dust for each prisoner Osiris. If you also use a star chart, then it’s even 1,125-star dust. It is also foggy in your region, then the monster gets an additional weather bonus, and you can secure up to 1,406-Star dust pro copy.

Use for Hoop research: But the limelight hour with Zombies can be particularly useful for one or the other coach. Anyone who still hangs on the special research of misunderstood Schabernback and thus need to catch insisting and mind-Pokémon is definitely found today.

Zombies belongs to both types. Thus, there are already 30 copies to solve the two task parts. We have also put together 5 tips on how to create special research on Hoop in time.

Do you take part in the special limelight hour with Osiris today? Write us your opinion here on Mango in the comments.

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