The DLC Kazuya Mishima arrives in Super Smash Bros ULTIMATE TOMORROW

In case you missed the news, Kahuna Minima de Tekken will soon arrive in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, like Sephiroth, Pyre and Mithra before him. It was announced as a DLC character at the E3 2021 and Mahavira Samurai just finished a presentation on how he managed it — and how Kahuna actually played in the game — earlier in the day. This episode of Mr. Samurai presents approximately 40 minutes and deals with different taken game design approaches and Super Smash Bros., and how Samurai overcame these differences so that Taken’s first protagonist feels at home in Smash.

Kazuya Mishima Smash Bros. Ultimate X Tekken Reveal | Nintendo E3 2021

According to Samurai, Taken is a game that consists of understanding the spacing between the characters and where you have to hit to succeed. Attacks are divided into high, medium and low categories, forcing players to pay particular attention to their environment. Meanwhile, Super Smash Bros. is a location game, where players use heights and distances against each other. To try to bring the essence of Taken’s slower and more technical fight in Smash, Samurai has decided to rely on the Devil Gene that Kahuna door. This is a terrible power line curse that allows Kahuna to tap into power and physically transforming into a malicious supernatural entity known as Devil.

Samurai decided to model Kahuna’s normal attacks based on his brutally effective Minima style karate and to ensure that jumps in the air, the smashing attacks and special movements of Kahuna use the power of the gene of the gene. Devil. The video then addresses the special movements of Kahuna, including the Devastating long-range Devil Blaster, the improved jump called Devil Wings and the attack on the devil that allows him to pass through his opponents. They all look very useful, especially Devil Wings, which compensates for Kahuna’s relatively low default jump height. Hope that Kahuna’s arrival in Smash succeeds enough to revitalize Taken’s fans base, because these games tell a surprisingly strong story of corruption and revenge, and we desperately want a new Taken film that makes justice to this story.

Kahuna Minima will come out as a Super Smash Bros Fighter. BROWN June 29, 2021.

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