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Today, on November 29, 2021, Pokemon Go takes place at the end of the Hoop Events a last special RAID hour with nobelium, terrarium and iridium. We from Mango show you the best counterpart to defeat them quickly.

What is that for a raid hour? Who regularly plays Pokémon Go, who knows that every Wednesday a special RAID event takes place in almost all arenas against legendary RAID bosses. Through the Hoop event, RAID hours took place in recent days.

And today, on November 29, 2021, there will be a special raid hour again before the Hoop event finally ends. In this time, you will meet in the level 5-raids on Nobelium, Terrarium and Iridium.

RAID hour with nobelium, terrarium and iridium — start and best counter

Start of the RAID hour: Like every RAID hour, this also starts again punctually at 18:00. It takes an hour and ends at 19:00 local time. Even before the start, the dark eggs indicate the airlines on the upcoming raids.

Best counterattack against nobelium

Nobelium is a legendary Pokemon of the steel and fight. It is particularly sensitive to the attacks of the following types: fight, fire and floor. Uses this weakness and sets corresponding counterpart (via PokeBattler.com):

Your mega developments are also suitable for nobelium:

Mega-Glurak Y with fire vortex and Lohekanonade
Mega-Glurak X with fire vortex and Lohekanonade
Mega dog moon with fire tooth and flame throw

Best counterattack against terrarium

The rock and fight Pokémon terrarium comes from the 5th generation. Due to its type, it has a weakness against attacks of types of plant, fight, psycho, steel, water, soil and fairy. Best of the following counterparts (via PokeBattler.com):

In addition, you can use the following mega developments:

Mega-Turtok with aqua cart and aquaubeat
Megafarads with cascade and hydro pump
Mega-BisaFlor with ranking and flora statue

Best counterattack against iridium

Iridium is a legendary plant and combat Pokémon. At this, you should focus mainly on the flight type. But also fire, poison, psycho-, ice and fairy attacks make it to him (via PokeBattler.com):

You can also use the following mega developments in combat:

Mega-dubeoss with wind shock and dive

Mega-Glurak Y with aerial ride and Lohekanonade
Mega-Glurak X with wing lift and Lohekanonade

Is the Maidstone today?

How many WP have nobelium, terrarium and iridium while catching? After the RAID you can meet the three legendary Pokémon in the Fang mask with the following WP:

Nobelium: 1.649 WP — 1,727 WP or Clouds or Snow 2.061 WP — 2.159 WP
Terrarium: 2,026 WP — 2.113 WP or at (partial) Cloud cover 2.533 WP — 2,641 WP
Iridium: 1.649 WP — 1.727 WP or in sunny, clear or cloudy weather 2.061 WP — 2.159 WP

If your monster has the highest possible WP value, then that corresponds to an IV of 100%.

Are there Shiny Nobelium, Terrarium and Iridium? Yes, you can encounter all three specimens with a little luck in your dazzling shape.

How strong are you? Of the three legendary monsters, it can shine especially terrarium. It has a strong attack and good endurance, which is why it belongs to the best attackers in Pokémon Go. But even in the master league can convince it.

Nobelium can rather score points with his defense values. For the RAID sit is not suitable due to its weaker attack. But it’s a solid candidate for the master league (Pvpoke.com).

Iridium also benefits from a strong defense, but is somewhat weaker than nobelium. For this reason, it is the worst of all three legendary monsters. For use in Raids and the PVP league, you should rather resort to other copies.

Special Raid Hour Guide Pokémon Go: Hoopa Unbound Event!
Worth the Maidstone? If you are looking for a strong attacker, this raid hour should definitely use. Oriented to you especially Terrarium. But even Shiny hunters are fully at their expense today.

When these three monsters come back to the Raids is not yet known at the present time. After today’s RAIDSTrund, you will meet until 01 December 2021 at 10:00 o’clock local time Cecelia in the level-5-raids.

Do you take part in the raid hour today with nobelium, terrarium and iridium? Which counterattack do you use? Write us your opinion here on Mango in the comments and exchanges you with other coaches.

The Hoop event is currently not so your thing? In December comes a community day that brings you 25 Pokémon. We looked at what these are.

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