PlayStation plans a new subscription service with PSX games PS2 PS3 and PSP

It seems that PlayStation wants to get fully into the fight for retraction, especially seeing the performance that Microsoft is having Xbox Game Pass. So, for this, I would be working on a new subscription service that would allow us to enjoy PSX games, PS2, PS3 and even PSP.

The half Bloomberg, a quite credible source in these aspects, comments this in a special article in which it gives details about this supposed new service, which is not yet confirmed. This subscription plan has the SPARTACUS key name and would allow PlayStation owners to pay a monthly fee to access a modern and classic games catalog.

Apparently, this service would be initially available both in PS4 and PS5 and has a launch provided for spring. And what about PS Plus and PS Now? The documents reviewed by Bloomberg suggest that Sony plans to keep the PlayStation Plus brand but would gradually eliminate PlayStation Now. It is expected that there is a joint rate, something similar to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Although the details are still not accurate, the documentation that contributes the aforementioned medium talks about a service with three levels of subscription.

The first would include the existing benefits of PlayStation Plus. The second would offer a wide catalog of PlayStation 4 games and, eventually, from PlayStation 5. The third level would add extended demos, game transmission and a classic game library from PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP.

MASSIVE RUMOR - PlayStation Planning It's Own Subscription Service With PS+ And PS Now
What is clear is that Sony has been left behind with respect to Microsoft with the issue of retraction and, in this way, they would take advantage of their extensive catalog of games. An Xbox Game Pass is going very well with more than 18 million registered users. Now, it is waiting for everything to be confirmed.

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