F1 2021 is updated for free with the F2 season with official pilots and designs

Over the years there have been many complaints from the users on the release date of the video games of Formula 1, since these usually arrive quite later than the start of season. This difference of time is something that code masters has tried to remedy even before being acquired by Electronic Arts and, with its last installment, have managed to offer the game in advance.

It is something that, without a doubt, appreciate the fans that follow the Motorsport, but F1 2021 still had a pending account: The 2021 season of F2. The second competition that gives rise to the maximum category of motorist was available with a version of the previous year, and fortunately the update comes with the last patch 1.14, with the riders and the official ski designs.

Pilots and official designs are added, as well as error correction As we see in the patch notes, in addition to the inclusion of the 2021 season of F2 (in the absence of only one race for the Formula 1 Championship 1), Various adjustments aimed at solving problems are carried out. These range from the lack of response with the steering wheel Logitech G923 on PC until a reduction of time between stops when two pilots of the same team coincide on the Boxes Street. The developer also resembles the FIA ​​lately, since the update adjusts the track limits in the curves of some clues like Portico.

It does not seem like we have many more news in sight, but it will have to follow the track at Code masters since, as we learned a few months ago, they are working on the most ambitious project in its history. On the last installment of the game with official license of Formula 1, Carlos Gallegos told you that it is a tremendously versatile title, and a franchise that is better than ever. If you want to know more, go for your F1 2021 analysis to learn more about the opinion of it.

F2 Saison 2021 - Update 1.4 (F1 2021)
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