Wrestling Wrestle Deck s newer card game reveals the launch of the beta and the details of the list

There is a new game of wrestling cards on stage, and its name is Wrestle Deck. The new card collection game of Idle Worker Games has revealed that it is officially in beta, and you can download the game in apple and android devices right now. As it is now, the game presents 5 unique struggle promotions throughout the United States, including the World Famous Monster Factory that acts as the official training facility in the game. There are also more than 100 letters to collect in the game, and the stars that appear are from all times, and you can see the progress on the video above.

At this time, the game presents a mixture of legends such as Jazz, Justin Credible and Ricky Morton, as well as stars like Sun Fire, Ace Austin, Rachael Entering, Lie Rush, Joey Silver and more, and this seems just the beginning.. You can find the official description in the press release below (through Wrestling News).

«Developed by Idle Worker Games, Wrestle Deck is the next step for cards collection games of the genre. It presents the strategic elements of turns role games, provides an attractive card collection mechanics and allows fighting combats with movement selection, all by creating a competitive and fresh mobile fight game. Fans will assume many roles in this game. Be a general manager, deciding who will be included in the locker room. Act as a manager, deciding who will be in which barn. Be the fighter, deciding what movements to use to defeat the opponents.

You will collect your favorite stars and arm a list of dreams. Aesthetics are the real letters, which are animated and struggle in matches, but in this game, you can choose the movements you make during the game, instead of choosing them at random.

Wrestle Deck Teaser

The game is in beta, and it seems that new fighters are being signed all the time, so it will be interesting to see how the game evolves and progresses as things move.

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