The Game Awards 2021 All ads and World Premiers of the event

The Game Awards 2021 have been full of winners, but also of many important advertisements in the video game industry. Review with us all the great games that have been present at the event of Geoff Kafka that closes the year in the sector. Eye, because there is some megaton.

THE GAME AWARDS 2021: Alan Wake 2 Announcement, World Premiere Trailer and Interview
Hell blade 2: Senna Saga

The first megaton of the night was not another that the Gameplay of Hell blade 2. Yes, that we saw was in real time, a real demonstration of what a series X is capable.

Star Wars Eclipse

Quantico Dream finishes its silence and will return to the load with a game about Star Wars. We will see to what extent are there more things than narrative in this new project of the creators of Heavy Rain and Detroit.


The Superhero de Warner will have a game by the creators of shadows of Mordor and shadows of war. Of course, there will still be waiting a bit to play it… it goes to 2023.

Alan Wake 2 is official

The great Sam Lake has appeared to give great news. Alan Wake returns to the form of Survival horror and without such action.

Slitter head is the new father of Silent Hill

A tremendous round of pot is the premiere of Both Game Studios, the study made up of veterans of Silent Hill.


Nightingale will be a new title created by the BioWare veterans responsible for Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Its creators highlight the exploration of the kingdoms in different settings of the most varied, construction and the farm or shared world.

PUBG happens to be F2P

PUBG evolves to reach more people. The original Royale Battle, as the study says, will become free.

Suicide Squad presents GamePlay

Vertiginous gameplay and charismatic characters is what awaits us next year with the game of the suicidal squad.

For spoken already has departure date

For spoken has shown trailer in the Game Awards and confirmed that it will be launched by mid-2022.

Among US in VR

Among Us will have a new version actually virtual. The developers of INNERSOLE have announced a next 3D experience that will maintain all the mechanics that have characterized the title.

GTFO — we’ve already tried it

After having a good time with GTFO, our impressions have been more than positive. Review what we have to count on this new cooperative shooter.

Trailer of the story of Elder Ring

There is less to play back of fromSoftware and this trailer, as it could not be otherwise, it leaves us wanting more.

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