Pc version FINAL FANTASY VII Remake Intergrade Launched in the EPIC Games Store

Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. (Jap. ·, Kabushiki-Gaisha Fukuoka Enikkusu, English Square Enix Company, Limited)is a Japanese manufacturer of video games and also mangas. Square Enix was known by its console function games, consisting of the Final Fantasy Collection, Dragon Quest and also Kingdom Hearts. Given that the acquisition of the British Author Lidos Interactive, the firm is additionally owned by the Burial Place Raider as well as Zeus Ex. It was likewise had by the Gunman brand name till the freedom of IO Interactive. The holding business Square Enix Holdings(, Kabushiki-Gaisha Fukuoka Enikkusu Hōrudingusu), to which Square Enix, Tito as well as various other firms have settled over 3000 employees as well as set 155 billion yen in the monetary year to March 2014(1, 21 billion euros).

Square Enix is ​​December 17, PC version of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE at Epic Games Store, was released in yen 9,878.

This game is a remake of was released in 1997, FINAL FANTASY VII. Based on the original of up to Midgard escape were added to the original element FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, it has been added a new episode was a hero Toughie. The FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE is a plan to deploy in multiple works, this work will be the first of his.

Along with the delivery start of the PC version, the message is published for overseas than Mr. producer Shinobi Kinase. In this version, playable other at a higher resolution and frame rate, and to have the features such as is provided with a photo mode that can share your favorite scene, and the first step to the future together to expand the world of FF VII made, has it has been reported that are very satisfied with the added Toughie episode.



Life energy sucked up from the star Madeira.
Midgard — hierarchy city with a MaAkiraro eight groups.
Ankara organization avalanche to clash, which stood up to protect the giant Shira Company and the star that seized the world by Madeira.
Original Soldier of cloud, had participated in CHI number Madeira furnace blast strategy of the Avalanche as a mercenary.
Lingering echoes eight Avenue MaAkiraro blast.
In the city which is wrapped in flames, shimmering the illusion of nemesis supposed to be dead.
Led to her past the illusion that want to leave her off, meet with her.
Flower selling yellow flowers that women held out of.

Language of flowers — reunion
The moment, black shadow surrounding the Future — the fate of the keeper.
Now, feelings again around the star.

to FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE contains the following content.


· Add episode: FF7R EPISODE Intermission (new episodes of Toughie)
Weapon: Shurikenda
· Armor: Midgard bangle
· Armor: Shira bangle
· Armor: chronometer of bracelet
Accessories: superstar belt
Accessories: crystal Madeira
Accessories: re-raise earrings
· Summoning Material: carbuncle
· Summoning Material: Kochokobo
· Summoning Material: Actual

※ arms and armor accessory summon material, you can receive from PRESENT BOX in the main menu.
※ Weapon: Shurikenda can be used only in FF7R EPISODE Intermission (new episodes of Toughie).

※ UPDATE (2022 year 3 o’clock 10 minutes): published in overseas official Twitter, added Shinobi Kinase’s comments of the producer.

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