LOL Haru ex champion 2017 passes from Latin America to the northeast of Europe

The return of Laos Latin Gamers at Lisa Latin America proposed a holder template at the closure with King Hard Ginseng, one of the 2017 World Champions next to Samsung Galaxy (Gen. G). Despite the individual level of him, he failed to obtain good results with the rhinoceros, ending at an exit before the split ended. The stay of him in Latin America barely lasted a month, before returning to the free agency. By weeks to start the Competitive Season 2022, X7 ESPORTS signed the jungle for its campaign in the NCL, competition from northeastern Europe.

X7 ESPORTS is an organization founded in 2020 with presence in League of Legends since 2021. Its best result is a 5th place in the qualifiers of the old summer USED 2021, losing against Munster Rugby Gaming. Being out of this, he always fought to ascend to the nationals, staying with the desire to do it for merit for the spring of 2022. After losing against MM Gaming in the qualifying, X7 ESPORTS bought an absolute that was classified. From there, he began to form a new working group.

DBFZ World Championship Regional Event Europe | Wawa, Shanks, Yasha, Jila | Top 8
Hard is one of the new pieces in an organization with many changes. He will reach the new commitment of him accompanied by King Tempt Myung-Gu, a central lane that was next to Team AZE in the enviable streak of 40 walks to the thread that culminated in a pass to the LA. The Latin American public hoped that it could continue at the top regional circuit, but it was not possible. Now, you will have the weight that this template of X7 ESPORTS will finally leave champion in a professional League of Legends league.

Next, the X7 ESPORTS team for 2022:

top lane Leonard Jaeger Markus
Jungle King Hard Ginseng
Central Lane King Tempt Myung-gu
Shooter Nathaniel Data Fikrisellasie As rat
Support Raymond Basing Sang
Substitutes friction mag1cian ruins (jungle) / kt (shooter) / Elton twist Richie Garcia Sets (Support)

The NCL has in its ranks squads as Astral is Talent and BT Excel, forming one of the multiple European competences present. Technically speaking, it will be the first split of the NCL after the merger. It will have 10 teams that will play a double Round Robin to the better one, with a Top 6 that will play the qualifiers.

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