Wow Patch 9 2 Three new faces for male night elves

In recent years, players in World of Warcraft were more and more adaptation options for their heroes. In the night elves, however, there are still some obsolete appearances to make that most of the players make a big bow. These include, for example, the three grim faces for male night elves.

These are not very popular and are only very rarely chosen by players. The developers of WOW are now taking the feedback of the community to heart and revise the said faces from scratch. The adjustments then come into play with patch 9.2.

Male night elf in change of time

In the official forum of World of Warcraft, Blizzard’s team explains that they are well aware that these night elves are associated with long WoW history. Nevertheless, these transited faces do not fit in the modern era of WoW. That’s why the graphic artists have revised the facial features again and redesigned them.

The original message from Blizzard:


The Menacing Scowl Has Been A Customization Option for Male Night Elves Since The Launch of World of Warcraft (Buy Now €14.99). Back in The Warlords of Drano Expansion, The Night Elves Had Their Character Models Updated and That’s When WE Updated The 3 Menacing Scowl Faces to Be The Somewhat Less Menacing Faces That You Lake Today.

We Looked Into The Number of Male Night Elves That Players Have Created With Those Faces, and We Found That They Aren’t as Popular as the other Face Selections. WE Agreed With Your Faces With The Scowling Mouth May Be Hindering Your Face Options, So We Have Copied Thesis Scowling Faces and Added A More Natural Posed Mouth AS 3 New Face Options for You to Choose From Eternity’s End.

We Understand That The’s a Long History with thesis Male Night elf faces, so we would love to know what you think. To Help Visualize The Changes, The Three New Face Options Should Be Available for Testing in This Week’s PTR Build.

Three new, slightly less trimming faces for male night elves. Source: Face three new, slightly less trimming faces for male night elves. Source: Face three new, slightly less trimming faces for male night elves. Source: Face The mouth of new faces is not pulled so extremely down and the new eyes are much more natural than the old ones. By the way: The old ones are retired!

ANDUIN WRYNN Boss Fight - ARTHAS RETURNS! Sepulcher of the First Ones Raid Testing Patch 9.2 PTR
And for comparison Let’s show you the current face of the live server with the exaggerated facial features:
Wow: Three new faces for male night elves in patch 9.2 (1) Source: Towhead How do you like the revised facial features for night elf men? Are the old exaggerated facial features just to WOW? Or were the adjustments long overdue

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