STEAM version Wizardry Gaiden five trials Finally early access start Let s start the labyrinth line today from today

I’d is a 3D Dungeon RPG Wizardry Garden Five Trials Wizardry Game is released from December 17 as an early access title for the game media GAME SPARK brand operated by its company. Did.

This work is developed by the Unity engine compatible with Windows. Most of the programs are significantly renewed, and simple 3D dungeon RPG gameplay is as it is, and users who play the Wizardry series as well as the Wizardry series as well as usability as a new RPG of 2021 It is said that many have been added.

◆ About Wizardry Garden Five Trials

After making a significant modernization in Wizardry 6, the 3D Dungeon RPG Series Wizardry created by Wizardry 8, which gave a very high evaluation overseas in an innovative battle system. The series was produced by many Japanese spin-offs that adopted a simple RPG system that is easy to understand.

Among them, in 2006, this work Wizardry Garden five trials released as an independent work from other works, works with the main staff of the Wizardry Garden series highly regarded among the spin-offs manufactured in Japan We have acquired high praise.

The same work has a high-speed response to a base roll that reproduces the simple taste of the Grass Full-established RPG, which had been heavily influenced by Tabletop RPG, and the content that can enjoy hardcore RPG experiences comfortably on the hardware It was a big characteristic. Not only that, with a system that allows users to create 3D dungeon RPGs, each allows you to create a 3D dungeon RPG desired by the separately distributed scenario editor. In this system accepted by the user, not by porting existing commercial works, and many scenarios with individual originality of producers appeared, and a new scenario is produced even in 2021 since 15 years since the release It has been loved by continuing.

This time, Wizardry Garden Five Trials released on the STEAM is mostly renewed from the same work in 2006, including the transition to Unity engines associated with Windows 10. Video Games A user who will communicate the atmosphere of a simple 3D dungeon RPG, which is a simple 3D dungeon RPG atmosphere, as it is, as it is, not only existing users, but also to introduce you to the series on this machine. A 2021 new RPG usability has been added to be convinced.

This time, the game itself at the time of delivery is five trials The contents of the old version or more have already been implemented, but the development and adjustment of the editor service scheduled to be started in the future, and optimization and adjustment of the game Therefore, it will be regarded as early access version ( ), and is planning to make it possible to enjoy the user who can enjoy the user long and enjoy the game in light of the game selling.
※ Marketing methods that release earlier than the original assumed content for various purposes, such as the collection of user feedback from the developing stage, and securing the development costs, and judgment of the business continuous expansion scale.

◆ Wizardry Garden Five Trials Main Changes in STEAM version

High resolution correspondence, 3D labyrinth and high resolution monster, and new UI
Body built-in new scenario selector
Game pad compatible
STEAM Cloud compatible
Custom portrait function

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◆ Main features of Wizardry Garden Five Trials

■ ■ Simple and fast base system that has been greatly influenced by Tabletop RPG

The basic game content of this work is simply. You first create your own characters with your feelings at the town’s outstanding training center. Next, go to the bar and form up to six parties. The story from there will not be shown in the game. It is only you who know the purpose of the game scenario beyond the purpose of presenting, but they will see the real reason to challenge the labyrinth.

And the labyrinth. Move the aisle in a grid, and cut the event in various places, cut the route and combat only a simple command, if you encounter an enemy. Compared to the modern complex and highly freedom games, it is just that. However, you may also suffer from the mystery that blocks the way to the right or left as the limited or absence map browsing function. The mystery solving in the scenario is the wisdom of the game master of the monitors with the wisdom with the scenario producer.

It is about to be a strong enemy of the labyrinth to death with a single strike adventurer. Classic Table Talk The battle system with the origin of the RPG is sometimes death, and it will hit the adventurer equally. Furthermore, the adventurer drilled in the labyrinth is always the possibility of being lost, and the annihilation of the party means the need for a new member of the rescue line. The curse spells of the reliable rope will only share according to its strength, and only a few dusty choices will be available during a single adventure. And the treasure chests left by monsters are the possibility of the strong magic armor of the price, and the risk of all adventures in an instant and the risk of attributing to the holes. While leaving luck to heaven, let’s commit everything to the judgment of the character that identifies and releases the trap.

Retirement, I can still go and I’m not good, I have a tension and drama that I have an auto save weave. The attraction of character development and rare items collecting after exceeding the wall, it can be tasted in the Wizardry Garden five trials.

■ ■ Mobile & Game Studio (at that time) with a well-established series of series production is in charge of the production, and each work is the possibility of over a few hours or more, Includes scenarios

Traveler’s property Traveler’s Property
Children of the king Selene Children of the King Selene
Missing Earth The Develop of Apotheosis
Galván’s pickled man The Pickled Man of Galván
Scorching wheel The Wheels of Flame

■ Main monster design and supervision are widely known as Japanese fantasy landlords

■ Sound with Basis Cape, known for various popular titles, BGM

■ Original version five trials User scenario can also be enjoyed on a new system

From the first day of the game release, the player can enjoy the 110 community scenario for 15 years from the original version five trials in 2006 (this is all the original version five original version five Turning the scenario, it does not guarantee that the STEAM version can be completely played with the behavior of that time).

In addition, we will provide tools for changing and adjusting and adjusting the published state of existing scenarios for new versions of the old version of scenario editor users. Specifically, please check the official site.

■ Scenario editor service that can create and share your 3D dungeon RPG is also scheduled for future

Scenario editor service will be expanded in the STEAM version within 2022 in the STEAM version. In the service, this service is sticking to a wide range of items such as dungeon layouts and events that occur Either ed and 59 Studios allow each scenario author to bring in Wizardry Garden Five Trials, Wizardry Garden Five Trials, beyond the essentials such as parody, Image, using this function, I have not).

◆ Wizardry Garden Battle Prison & Five Trials Audio Collection Steam Resale!

Wizardry Garden Five Trials In commemoration of the release of the STEAM version, Wizardry Garden Five Trials and the Soundtrack Wizardry Garden Battle Prison & Five Trials of Wizardry Garden Battle Combat Digital resale on the Audio Collection STEAM was also started. Limited sale CD version is the same as Premier. In this resale, all the songs are remastered by the hand of Bearing Cape, and I will taste the excitement of adventure in the song group by Mr. Hiroshi Banana, Mr. Yuri IATA, Mr. IATA.

◆ Product information

■ Wizardry Garden Five Trials

3D dungeon RPG
Player number:
1 person
Release date:
December 17, 2021 (Fri)
Windows (Steam)
2,980 yen (tax included)
Japanese and English (English correspondence at the time of launch is UI only)
Steam store page:
Official site:
https://wiz.Gaiden Battle/
(C) DID, Inc.
(C) 59 STUDIO.
Original Monster Design by Semi Jun.
Wizardry ™ Is ​​A Trademark of, LTD.

■ Wizardry Garden Combat Prison & Five Trials Audio Collection

Release date:
December 17, 2021 (Fri)
Windows (Steam)
1,500 yen (tax included)
Steam store page: audio collection/
© Basis cape.
(C) DID, Inc.
(C) 59 STUDIO.
Original Monster Design by Semi Jun.
Wizardry ™ Is ​​A Trademark of, LTD.

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