Premier League 31 Hours for a Canned Game Bad away from two Spurs fan

Two Spurs fans from the USA obtained celebrity for a trip that they should never forget. Because from huge bad luck became a big adventure.

Which football fan does not dream of experiencing his favorite team live in the stadium? Not everyone has lost his heart to a club that is almost in front of the front door.

Football is a global matter, and clubs may look forward to a growing number of trailers around the globe. English clubs have about many fans in the US, which, however, rarely enjoy experiencing games of their club live on-site — and much rare in a pandemic.

But two fans of Tottenham Hotspur wanted to know. Twitter User @ Soxyken17 From Dallas, in late November, together with a female accompaniment on the way to the away game of his Spurs on FC Burley.

He himself grabbed his mad and probably not all everyday trip as follows: From Dallas over London to Burley. 31 hours, no sleep, powered by coffee, cheese crackers and even more coffee. Frosty temperatures and snow are predicted for the game. That’s predicted Are the things you do when you love his club.

Spielabsage makes both fans famous

What he did not suspect at this time: the snow both made a celebrity. Because on the match day himself such snow masses Burley home searched that the game had to be canceled despite all the attempts to clear the place. Like bitter for the two fans from Texas! But they did not think of having to spoil the mood from the weather and circumstances and had a great time together with other sufferers in a local pub. That makes football out!, Wrote the fan on Twitter.

Tottenham Hotspur v. Aston Villa | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 10/3/2021 | NBC Sports

The pitch of the two had long since distributed via social media. They got numerous messages in which they did not just give uptake, but also offered compensation. Keaton Bryan, video production at the TV channel 4, offered both a ticket for the following game of the Spurs against FC Brent ford. Vereinsikonen Micky Hazard appointed the two even to his VIP guests for a meeting with Michael Dawson and Medley King.

And as if these honor would not be enough, then reported Harry Kane. I’m really sorry for you! For your commitment and compensation for the tagged game I would like to invite you as my guests to a home game, if you are the next time in London, May Kane Via Twitter.

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Said, done: both spent a few more days in London and experienced a time she had probably not hunted at departure from Dallas. And also a home game of the Spurs they experienced live in the stadium. Finally, on December 6th, it went back home. In the luggage: priceless memories and some new friendships. About British weather these two will never complain again.

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