First SCM bankruptcy Kiel s demonstration of power

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In the first Sunday game, Magdeburg’s Super Series was torn from 16 victories from 16 games. In Flensburg the SCM underlie with 27:30. Tracker THE Kiel grabbed the chance immediately when the head and shortened the residue on the leaders from Magdeburg on now four points — in a game more.

Against Cup winner TV Lego Lipped, the keels ago 5000 spectators celebrated a sovereign 32:19 (16: 9). The Zebras laid a stuttering start, took eight minutes to take the lead for the first time. Thereafter, the THE came to roll really and was already clear at the moment (16: 9). Key of success was the stable defense about goalkeepers Niklas Landing, where the Lemons phase desperate. In the end, the game came to a power demonstration of the Killer, whose right outside was Nicolas Berg with nine goals of the best throwers of the game.

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Schiller makes ten gates

Later, fresh on Göttingen decided the Brisbane derby against the TV Stuttgart with 34:32 (19:13) for themselves. The cornerstone for the ninth season win, the Toppings laid before the break, after 30 minutes led fresh to six goals. But the Stuttgart’s, where the right outside Sasha Pastiche scored seven goals, fought forces and released several times after the break — last at 32:32. For Göttingen, DUB left outside Marcel Schiller was with ten hits (five of them per seven meters) of the best thrower.

Furthermore, Minded and the penultimate Balingen-Machstetten met: at the end was a 23:23 (11:12), which does not really carry any of the two cellar children. Mohamed Armor met six times for Minded, left outside Tim Nothdurft five times for the guests.

THE Kiel — TV Lego Lipped 32:19 (16: 9)

Tore THE Kiel: Berg 9/3, Ranking 7, Whence 6, Reinhold 3, Bilk 2, Peeler 2, Sago sen 2, Honing 1
TV Lego Lipped: Elision 5/3, Shaken 5, Were 3, Cardboard 2, Sutton 2, Háček 1, Speak 1
Referee: Jörg Loppaschenwski (Berlin) / Nils Blumer (Berlin)
Spectators: 5000
Criminal minutes: 8/4
Disqualification: / –

fresh on Göttingen — TV Stuttgart 34:32 (19:13)

Goals for Göttingen: Schiller 10/5, Gullible 7, Season 7, Haman 4, Molina 2, Melanotic 2, Arrested 1, Lindenchrone Andersen 1
Goals for Stuttgart: Pods 7, Long 6, V. Kristiansen 5/5, Viewer 4, Janusz 3, Her. Müller 3, Rothenberger 2, Peshevski 1, white 1
Referees: Tanja Butler (Meckenbeuren) / Make Mere (Meckenbeuren)
Viewers: 750
Criminal minutes: 6/6
Disqualification: / –

TSV GOD Minded — HOW Balingen-Weilstetten 23:23 (11:12)

Goals for Minded: Drum 6, Forte 4, Pieczkowski 4, STAAR 4, Jane 1, Music 1, Chunder 1, Semis ch 1, Urban 1
Goals for HOW: Nothdurft 5, Living 4/1, Track 4, Rum sky 2, Bloch 2, Intel 2, Tengelmann 1, Invasion 1, Saueressig 1, Reessstein 1
Referee: Mario Zupanovic (Berlin) / Martin Those (Berlin)
Spectators: 1421
Puncture minutes: 10/8
Disqualification: /

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