Fall Guys brings popular skins

In this holiday season, Fall Guys commemorates the end of 2021 with a special event Extravaganza. This event includes the return of several popular characters skins. From December 28 to January 3, players will want to launch Fall Guys to enjoy the festive gifts.

Exclusive characters PlayStation in Doom Slayer, Sonic to the Jungle Book Animals, there were countless crosses between Fall Guys and other franchises.

The biggest disadvantage of these skins was their limited availability. However, Me diatonic gives players another chance to discover some of their most popular skins, as requested by the community. They will make a past collaboration available every day via the shop at stake.

The event started with Cup head skins available yesterday, with CupaDad-based skins and its partner Mug man back to the store. In addition, there was also a unique wild boar skin created by the Hobart Fan. Today, the second half of the boar skin will be available alongside the skin ALMA 2B. 2b will receive 10 crowns and will only be available today.

This is just the beginning. Me diatonic announced seven other skins returning to Fall Guys, as we see in the trailer below. This includes Shovel Knight, Bomber man, Bulletin, NATO Robot, The Messenger, Kenya and the Untitled Goose Game goose.

However, Me diatonic did not reduce these skins. We hope so you saved in case. So, if one of these skins above you are interested, make sure to connect every day this week to buy your favorite. Which one will you buy?

fall guys SEASON 6  PRO GAMEPLAY #38

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