Pub Mobile Furious Gaming and Alpha7 Esports go to the World Cup

PUBG Mobile has an international circuit that was among the most popular 2021. With the eyes set at 2022, he carried out a series of tournaments to define the participants of the finals of the Pub Mobile Global Championship 2021. We talked about a global contest by squads that receives the 16 best teams, from leagues from East and West. It plans to be carried out from January 21 to 23, 2022 with a bag of 3.49 MDD in prizes.

In this publication, we will talk about the finals of the western Lisa of Pub Mobile. There he participated Furious Gaming, organization founded in Argentina that competes in Battle Royale with a group of Chilean players. José Porto Pacheco is the In-Game Leader (Captain), sharing responsibilities with Sergio Frigga Rodríguez. Both lead Joaquín Scream Escobar, Triggering and Mikael Milo van Rubio in a campaign that paid fruits at the end of the year. The technical body should also be mentioned, where we find Camila Mia López as a coach and analyst of the squad.

The first year of the PUBG Mobile Division had participation in Latin American leagues, with a subcampeonate at the Pub Mobile Pro League. What gave him the pass to the continental division of America, being 14th placed in season one and 13th in season two. But when the Western League began for Global Championship, the skull set out on fire to make a step at the end. There he managed to win three Chicken Dinner, added to low and other positions that finally earned him 162 points. Thanks to this, it remained in the Top 3 of the table of positions to get at the end of 2022.

ALPHA7 ESPORTS, Brazilian team, was the furious gaming escort in the western finals. Both will represent Latin America in a globalist contest where they have the possibility of signing their name as the best in the world.

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