Square Enix collapses Shitstorm for NFT

Publisher Square Enix has set itself directly to the nettles at the beginning of the year: In a New Year’s letter, the President of the company NFTs and Blockchain Games praised in the sky and was immediately retrieved from the community to the ground of the facts.

Yoke Matsuda, President of Square Enix, has turned to gamers worldwide in an official New Year’s letter to gamers. It presents its vision for 2022 and praises the advantages of NFTs, the met averse and blockchain games. However, the reaction of the gaming community to Reddit quite differently fell as hoped.

Square Enix ‘Plan for 2022: Blockchain, NFTs and Met averse

Matsuda explains in the letter that 2021 will not only be in history for him as Met averse: Year One, but also as NFTs: Year One. Square UNIX Wool 2022 The own business strategy is now stronger on these innovations and deal with blockchain games and so-called play to earn concepts. (Source: Square Enix)

While Matsuda himself seems excited about these prospects and speaks of a large wave of enthusiasm, who should have triggered the NFTs last year, Reddit users have a different opinion: Players criticize the statement of the letter on the sharpest and leave No signs recognize that blockchain and NFTs are desired in the gaming community. (Source: Reddit)

Oh ever, another Games company that I’ll boycott in the end. (Reddit user import)
Late capitalism in pure form. Everything you do must be associated with money making. No hobbies, interests, creativity or entertainment. Only money, money, money. Depressing. (Reddit user Jelly)
70-dollar games that are contaminated with NFTs… No, thanks. (Reddit User Ghana)
I have the endless greed so full. (Reddit user superkhalimba)

Comment: Square Enix with abdominal landing in the new year

Just in time at the beginning of the year, Square Enix reminds the community because greed in the Games’ industry will be in the center of 2022. As in NFT presentations of other companies, Matsuda praises the possibilities of blockchain technology in his letter and refers to greater freedom of participation in Play to Earn games. He also relies on positive reactions of players who otherwise registered no one. At least not on the part of the audience.

With NFTs, Publisher initially open up a new and lucrative yield opportunity, while Play to Earn games is also more responsibility and the actual game concept to be transferred to the shoulders of Gamer. In the end result, this means more money and less work for the Publishers. Yoke Matsuda likes that. The gaming community does not understand.

In our video we explain exactly what NFTs are actually:

Square Enix has drawn the indignation of the gaming community at the beginning of the year. A letter from President Yoke Matsuda tries to sell NFTs and Blockchain Games as positive projects, but only encourages loud criticism.

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