Madden NFL 21 gets bombed by Metacritic Review

The last title of EA Madden NFL has recently been published in loyal reviews and critics of terribly low users. The PC version of Madden NFL 21 currently has a user score of 0.6, the PS4 version reaching an extremely low score of 0.3 and the Xbox One version with a slightly higher score of 0.5. All these scores are on a scale of one to ten, and that this is deserved or not, the fans of the NFL express their dissatisfaction with the last title of Madden NFL. Madden NFL 21 is available for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia now, PS5 and Xbox Series X versions will come out later this year.

Most Madden NFL 21 Metacritic review score complaints focus on the bugs, problems and frustration that is still valid on the minor differences between the title Madden NFL of this year and last year. A fan assembled Super Bowl celebration images of the last four Iterations of Madden NFL, and it is difficult not to see the similarities between them. Considering that Covid-19 could have an impact on the development of Madden NFL 21, it seems that EA should delay the last opus of the series. Are you curious to know what we thought of Madden NFL 21? Check out our review here!

Many Madden NFL titles focused on Madden Ultimate Tournament mode, but Madden NFL 21 apparently focuses even more on monetized play mode. The players stated that they wanted more franchise mode updates and the neglected simulation side of Madden NFL, but it seems that their voices are not heard by EA Sports. For many reviews and users, Madden NFL 21 looks like an update from Madden NFL 20 to a game that deserves a brand-new version.


Do you think that the bomb attack against Madden NFL 21 Metacritic magazine will improve Madden NFL 22? Let us know in the comments below!

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