The plebiscity Not for Broadcast will be released for good on January 25

Two years after the kickoff of its early access, celebrated by more than 300,000 sales and evaluations we can no longer positive on Steam, Not for Broadcast announces that its update 1.0 will be available on January 25, always on PC.

Leaving officially in a dozen days, this television propaganda dystopic simulator will welcome its third and final chapter including 3 huge emissions, more than 17 hours of FMV content, 17 advertisements and various outflows based on the player’s decisions. Already approached by Hubert and Nodes in GK Live, NOT for Broadcast proposes to observe a Britain alternative of the 1980s, while a government a martinet radical has just arrived in power.

Internet is not yet there, but television serves as the main brainwashing tool, and the player is in charge of the diffusion control system. A responsibility that allows him to decide what people see and do not see. Censor the slightest word or privilege freedom of expression? The kind of editorial choices that can impact to the destiny of the nation.

Not for Broadcast gives players access to an interface as complex as thrust. Unlike the majority of FMV games, do not look at the information, but create them. Charge to them to maintain the signal and keep the spectators riveted on their screen. The choices made in the assembly booth also have a major impact on history, with an influence on the world, whether on the chain’s financial sponsors to government members, explains the statement of Tiny build Games. Note that NOT for Broadcast will retain the same rate currently displayed on Steam, Gog and Epic Games Store, i.e. 20.99 euros.


NOT FOR BROADCAST — Trailer Exit Date

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