LOL: LLA 2022 premieres new schedule and a more partner format

On the afternoon of January 18, the Lisa Latin America offered a general preview of the League of Legends First Division Circuit. Same that respond to fans feedback and actions in international competitions. Throughout the season 2021, Infinity only got a victory between the Mid-Season Invitational and Worlds, making evident the need for a face washing.

According to what is shown in the HYPE video, the adjustments are routed to a league format that offers more encounters. If we link this with the rumors of weeks ago, then we will see some eliminator with a format with losers and winners . The purest style of LEC, maybe it is a second round of five among several participants. The regular phase, tentatively, will remain double Round Robin to the best one, with expectations to eliminate the Pentagon.

The only thing that was confirmed is the new schedule of competition. From this opening, the days will start at 2:00 p.m. MX / 15:00 CO / 17:00 AR / CL / 21:00 is , three hours earlier than in 2021. What you want Say, the transmissions of the LA end around 18:00 MX / 19:00 CO / 21:00 AR / CL / 01:00, but everything will depend on the duration of the meetings.

There are no details about whether it will be online or in a study format (without public). The situation of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Mexico City requires precautions due to omicron. Then, it is most likely that games are played again from the facilities of the teams.

Riot Games Latin America promised more details of the new format on January 19. There we will know if the opening 2022 will be played online for its regular phase. As a reference, the closure had the Top 4 in Art Federal for the phase of qualifiers, following with the relevant health protocols.

The 2022 begins on January 29.

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