PlayStation expects the Activision Blizzard games to be multiplatform after the purchase of Microsoft

The mastodon tic buying Blizzard Activision by Microsoft has generated stir, it could not be otherwise. Reactions There have been many, but possibly no more expected than the first comments of PlayStation towards the agreement, although these have come in a quite bureaucratic tone and public relations.

Thus, according to the Wall Street Journal in a recent publication, a Sony spokesman has been limited to asking Redmond’s giant respect for the signed and a policy of launches similar to the current 1. We hope that Microsoft complies with contract agreements and continue ensuring that the Activision games are multiplatform. Little more has transcended Sony’s first comment to the press.

From Market watch they published a report of interviews on the occasion of the operation, explaining how Sony could present some kind of opposition Looking for an agreement with Microsoft that ensures that the Activision Blizzard video games, or part of them, continued to disembark with the Time in PlayStation.

We plan to continue supporting those communities in the future Phil Spencer Phil Spencer, Xbox Mandalas, at the moment it has shown a conciliatory tone: You can play the Titles of Activision Blizzard on a variety of platforms, and We plan to continue supporting To those communities in the future . For these words, you can understand that developments with groups of fans set up in PlayStation, such as Call of Duty, will continue to reach the Sony platform but are only conjectures.

By the way Microsoft act with his latest acquisitions, it seems likely that every already announced video game will be available at PlayStation without complications. Different will be everything that comes after and confirms once the agreement is closed. As for Call of Duty, the enormous weight of PlayStation in the video game business can make Phil Spencer think in a multiplatform policy similar to Minecraft, where Minecraft: Dungeons premiered both in PS4 and in Nintendo Switch.

Be that as it may, there is concern at PlayStation and among its investors. While today Sony’s actions rise 6%, yesterday they suffered an important fall.

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