Halo Infinite: Credits for Ingame

The criticism of the In game shop of Halo Infinite was great at the beginning. The prices for the cosmetic items were too high for many players and some favorite uses were hidden behind big bundles. Thus, the entire bundle had to be acquired, although perhaps only one of the items was interesting for a self.

343 Industries has taken care of the criticism of the player’s heart and announced already further changes. But alone should not stay in the coming weeks.

Simply collects your credits by playing

In the in-house Halo Forum 343 Industries -senior Community Manager John Junyszek Alias ​​Unshed announced that there will soon be a great innovation for Halo Infinite. In addition to the increase in value of bundles and the price reduction of shop items, there is another positive message for the gaming.

What is changed? So far, the credits that you can buy in the shop cosmetic items can only be purchased against real money. But soon it will be possible to get the credits only by playing Halo Infinite as a reward.

When will it give the credits through the play? The idea will only be implemented with Season 2 of the Battle Pass. As soon as the start approaches, the developer team wants to announce further details. Season 2 should start 2 in May, at the latest we know more.

Which changes are otherwise considered for the In game shop, you can read here:

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more on the subject

Hallo Infinite adapts controversial shop prices and bundles from the next week

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Halo community is pleased


In the comment column, the facilitation of the playable credits becomes clear. Anderson, for example, writes that the upcoming changes are excellent. User M4TS Joker R56 agrees and says that the replayable credits are really needed.

Other users, on the other hand, are still not satisfied with the coming changes. The Big Team Battle Mode has currently struggling with matchmaking and matching matches. Even a current hotfix could not fix the problem. That’s why many users hope that the situation will soon be improving with a coming update.

What do you think of the planned changes? Are you satisfied with the current gaming experience in Halo Infinite?

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