LOL: The unexpected play of Top Esports at the LPL who has left his rival without words

The competitive circuit of League of Legends has been working several weeks and has left us numerous plays that have left us flipping due to the enormous mechanical and technical power of many of the players who are currently struggling to win the championship this season. This is the case of Top Esports , equipment from the LPLLLLL that after many weeks of competition is the great favorite to win the first Split of the year after razing, in turn, in the Cup. Well, this Once we will talk about the game for the first day of the day, the team led by Jackal should win Victory 5, another of the great favorites to get the title.

The situation is as follows: TOP ESPORTS came to be done with many goals of the game and After 50 minutes of departure the team had to end the game as soon as possible, since they threw the two towers of the nexus and just lacked the game. Victory Five was slowly staying with the whole map, so Knight and company went directly to battle with a incredibly unexpected play for every1. They decided Going all to the central lane to run as headless chickens thus pulling one of the inhibitors and then going without stopping at the nexus.


What looked like a gigantic madness, ended up with the destruction of the nexus quickly in a play where None of Victory Five expected them to be as direct to their nexus . This is how those of Top Esports would end up winning the first game of the day in such a crazy game as unexpected. This type of plays turns out to be quite coin flip and will depend on the luck we have and the attentive that the enemy team is to be able to end the game as soon as possible.

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