Human: Fall Flat announces an exciting level design competition for the 5th anniversary

The hilarious and successful physical platform game: Fall Flat celebrates its 5th anniversary with a competition to design a level at stake. The 5th anniversary level design contest opens today. Although the 5th anniversary of the game is July 22, players will be able to submit their ideas to the competition until 23h BST on August 12, 2022. If you have a great or great level for Human: Fall Flat, you can build a Model, draw a sketch, describe it in text or even prepare a level-shaped cake. Once your level is ready, you can share a high-resolution image of your creation to run the chance to win. Discover this trailer of competition for some examples.

Human: Fall Flat already contains a wide variety of creative levels, so you can jeopardize yourself when designing a new level. In fact, we recommend that you go there absolutely, because the judges will note you according to the imagination that enters each entrance. The winner will see his creation made in 3D and added to the game so that players around the world get rolled out, jump and crash the first everywhere in multiplayer or solo modes. For fans of a classic worship game on falling on your face and fighting to solve puzzles, there could be no better reward, but no Brakes Games and Curve Digital add additional prizes.

The winner of the contest will receive an Arctic 7 Steelers helmet and a Steelers QCK + mouse pad in addition to living on its level for the pleasure of PC and Console players. Two finalists will also receive Steelers QCK + mouse pads, which should facilitate a little crossing of the winning level on PC. So go, what are you waiting for? Start designing the Human level: Fall Flat of your dreams today.

Human: Fall Flat is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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