Fight Club: The end of David Finchers cult

The Chinese government is not only known since yesterday to set up bizarre laws and to make absurd censorship . Through a ban on the publication of new titles, thousands of studios in the ruin drove, at the same time, the access of minors on online games is limited and prohibited unmistakable video games.

But not only video games are a popular goal when it comes to China’s censorship and vibration awareness. As it turned out, you have in the People’s Republic David Finches Cult movie Fight Club (Buy Now €9.99) from 1999 censored and the classic short-earned a completely new end missed. The movie is available in China via the streaming platform Tencent video.

New End for Fight Club: Instead of the bad guys wins the state

Actually, the narrator and protagonist of Fight Club (Edward Norton) to say goodbye to the end of the film from his split personality Tyler Burden (Brad Pitt) and then looks out of the window of a skyscraper on the tremendous explosion that has tried by him Skyscrapers rip in the area to the ground and such a sign should set against consumption.

But in China, of course, no criminals can triumph at the end of a movie. Instead of the explosion scene, there are only the following statement served: Thanks to the note of Tyler, the police could uncover the entire plan in the wind parts and arrest all criminals, which successfully prevented the explosion of the bomb. After the process became Tyler brought into a madman, in which he is treated psychologically. He was released from the hospital in 2012.

However, as Vice reports, it is unclear whether the Chinese government or Tencent video itself is responsible for censorship, but the result is the same anyway. Tencent video denied the comment. So bizarre The message about the censorship of a 20-year-old film is also, with regard to other prohibitions and restrictions, it is not astounding.

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