Mobile MMORPG Traha Infiniti, February 7, Dictionary Download

[Data provided: Moa Games]

, February 7, Dictionary Download… February 9th Grand Open

Traha Infinity Gameplay 60fps Maxed Graphics | Android New MMORPG
** \ – Tlaha IP and mobile optimization contents are attracted to Mobile,

\ – I can feel the enhanced MMORPG essence and play experience in the mobile environment

Moai Games announced that it starts with the Dictionary download of MMORPG today (7 days).

The pre-download of the Grand Open is available from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store from today, and the game play is possible since 10 o’clock on the 9th of the 9th.

has focused on the great interest of the users’ 200 years ago in the Mobile Games Worldview. On January 12, the online showcase, which has been in the online showcase, he has been informed by the game,

Infinite growth and combat MMORPG, which can experience the essence of MMORPG essence, introduces Soulmate systems using asynchronous data to support this, while using the asynchronous data that is optimized for the mobile environment, Make the MMORPG play experience in the mobile environment to improve experience.

This allows users to focus on infinite growth and combat only. Various dungeons given by various rules and compensation, ‘Infinite Tower’, ‘Arena’ and ‘Pavilion’, ‘Pavilion’, and PVP Content, etc. through PVP and PVP content, You can experience itself.

Moai Games Lee Chan-cheol said, “Trafhan Infiniti, which is ahead of the” coming on the 9th, “said Tlaha Infiniti finally starts to download the dictionary,” he said, “I will try to provide the best play environment for the formal service that has come forward.”

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