LOL: The Community plot to cheat Riot who are already holding some players

The community of League of Legends accustoms to get involved in the development of the game criticizing the decisions of Riot Games or making interesting proposals to developers. However, not everything is as serious and constructive as it seems. There are times when the only intention of users is having a good time joking about the game. A practice that conducted a player who proposed to trolling Riot Games by changing his purchase of objects when the nexus was about to fall. A plot that, for the surprise of him, already carried out some players.

So I could cheat the community to Riot Games

Although the proposal of the player seemed not to have too much sense beyond raising what would happen if the community was united to spend this heavy joke to developers, in the highest ranges there are some players who are already carrying out this practice. The reason is very simple: in the ranges of high MMR in which there are very few players It is possible to manipulate the statistics so that it seems that a certain object is too powerful in a specific champion.

The case that we have just seen corresponds to a player of the Challenger Range that has as two objectives:

  • Cheat players who blindly follow the rate statistics of victories to choose the objects they buy in a game.
  • Try to artificially increase the victories of a certain object to try Riot Games think that they are too strong.

5 Features Riot Games REMOVED From League of Legends

Although its operation has not yet been shown, the truth is that Take advantage of one of the vulnerabilities of Riot Games when it comes to measuring the victory rate statistics , which only takes into account the end of the games and not its course. This circumstance added to the scarce number of players that defines as an elite group, translates that a small group by agreeing, it would be possible to manipulate the decisions of the developers of League of Legends.

On several occasions, players have continued blindly to content creators or professionals imitating their objects with very negative results. CORKI is one of the most recent cases, and with it it has been shown that some builds only work at certain levels of skill. The most important thing when we want to copy these great skill players is to understand why they are decided on some objects and thinking if our way of playing League of Legends adapts to them.


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