GTA Online: Felipe flip off – Tighten NPC is finally over

Felipe is a NPC in GTA: Online and stands as an employee of the valet parking from the Diamond Casino. There he has to let himself a lot, but at some point the collar burst.

Felipe got the muzzle full. Since the Diamond Casino & Resort has been introduced online in mid-2019 in GTA, the NPC of the parking service had to be pretty much pleased. He was shot, crossing, lit, beaten and actually harvested in any kind that was available to players. Even when tipping, players were always very economical.

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After all the harps, it was only an outstretched middle finger, who brought the barrel to overflow. Reddit users ECAHILL453 drove to the casino with his lines bus (why not) and showed him the unfit gesture. Then, Felipe ripped the door open, ** stormed into the bus and unloaded all his thorough rage in one kick, as if he wanted to kick the player to Liberty City. Before the player could do something, Felipe threw him out of the bus in a high arch.

Since Felipe just discovered new pages, he apparently decided to become bus drivers, pressed the gas pedal and raced it. ECAHILL453 probably had a very emotional bond to his transportation of personal traffic , because the loss of the fellow let him pull him his pistol to direct themselves. So his blood flowed over the same stones, over which the blood of Felipe has already flowed so often.

Felipe just had the muzzle full.

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