NBA 2K22: How to improve the game with VC

In NBA 2K22 there are many ways to adapt the look and to experiment with the myTeam squad. Every season new rewards such as clothing, animations and exclusive myteam goodies are added to keep the feeling fresh.

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With so many outfit combinations and rare myteam packages that are available, it is only natural that you want to go to shopping tour, but you need VC for that. Players can earn VC in the game by completing challenges and get their MyCareer game checks or by lucky at Daily Spin.

Another way to fill the Ingame Purse is in the Microsoft Store, where there are currently 20 percent discount on all VC products.

New content in season 4

Season 4 is live and full of exclusive new content that is just waiting to be bought, such as the myTeam Beast Package with the Galaxy Opal Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Galaxy Opal Anthony Davis, the Galaxy Opal yes Morant and the Pink Diamond Lamelo ball.

The sky is the border for you and your myteam, especially if you are built by the Hunt 4 Glory Soaring Pack, which contains some of the best Dunkers and overflowers that has the game: Galaxy Opal Donovan Mitchell, Pink Diamond Billy Cunningham, Diamond Chris Andersen, Amethyst Obi Toppin and Ruby Eric Bledsoe. Both the Beasts Pack and the Hunt 4 Glory Pack are only available for one week.

The biggest reward of season 4 is probably nothing that you could possess in real life. On stage 40, a private tiger awaits you as a pet, which complements you as a faithful companion.

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