The 9th floor of the basement, the “item item” acquisition tips … “Wizardry Gaiden Five Trials” Capture “Traveler Property” in the recording! 【Play Repo】

December 17, 2012 Steam starts early access, and now “ Wizardry Gaiden Five Trials ” in the middle of the midst of being crazy about many fans. In this article, we will deliver the attractiveness of this work again and deliver the capture report to the adventurer’s must-see, which aims to get glory title in the official scenario “Traveler’s property”!

An old RPG fan is a fear of the lost of everyone who was fear. “ Five Trials ” that leads the “Wizardry Gaiden Battle Prison” in the Royal Route style style! The day you can play with Steam will come! Oh yeah!

That’s why “Wizardry Gaiden Five Trials” released last December. In addition to the various works of the series, it was also a work that was played with a royal road line (a royal road) that has been walked in the “Combat Prison” released in 2005 and has walked a royal road route (?). New version, “Wizardry Gaiden Five Trials” STEAM version is a work that has been waiting for!

No, the official scenario where the author played at the moment is cleared “Traveler’s property” and “scorching wheels”. And it is said that the user scenario is in various ways. Honestly, there are also funny scenarios, some scenarios that did not fit. But its innumerable possibilities are the best part of “five trials”.

With reference to volume and work quality, it is good to find the stage of adventure that suits you by yourself while referring to the work information and the number of downloads. Someday I want to make a dungeon in my own hand… While I think that the scenario editor itself is waiting for future implementation. Perhaps a number of users should be waiting for you to make it easy to make it quickly! However, if it is not something to be completed in the morning, it seems to be a “five trial” forever, “five trials” can be “Wizardry” where “five trials” can be played forever, but at this time, the user who loves the same work It may be said that it depends on hand and warm support.

Now. In the content from here, let’s try to challenge such a “five trials”, let’s leave the capture hint of the official scenario “ Traveler’s property ” for those.

By the way, if you are a beginner, the official scenario recommended by the authors is “scorching wheels”. 16 × 16 square dungeons in a slightly smaller diamond dungeon, depth is the 7th floor underground. It may finally be able to eat the world’s view of the world that is too unique to collect the bike parts and rush into the live house on the ground 666th floor, but the balance of the mystery and experience value is a beginner. Scenario changes are from “Story Select” on the title screen.

If you are not familiar, it may be evil, but it is also choice to use “Ctrl + F1” reset. If you get used to play, I want you to challenge the more severe adventure with the initial bonus point 1 winning match + no reset. Only the hardships are born for your own drama!

Endlessly annihilation → Subparties towards rescue are also secondary damage to the annihilation, or such blood tears drama!

Such “ Wizardry Gaiden Five Trials” is well received at STeam.

# [Traveler’s Property: Cheats Hen]

By the way, the rough flow as a capture of “Traveler’s Property” is searched on the underground 1-4 floor walking on foot and earn money → If 15000 g is accumulated, at the second floor of the basement, “an item” (above Using the guy who needs 15000G) Using the elevator key get → the search range is greatly expanded, the 3rd floor-underground is collected on the 3rd floor underground → the crafts to the abyss after the 8th floor of the basement.

The first party used by the author is a monk + warrior + warrior’s prime guards, a thief + wizard + wedgeon of the wizard. I think that there are many ways to put senior jobs such as and load from the beginning, but in “five trials”, the scenario should note that the strongest weapon of each occupation is different.

Also, in the low level band, the level of warrior position itself is important. Especially the level 5, 10, 15 with increasing number of attacks of warrior jobs are important indications. In a deep position search, we plan to introduce senior jobs from the situation after becoming easy to leveling!

The monk is recommended at the spare corner, because the monk (in the “Traveler Property” etc.) There are two initial attacks. It is also true, and the monks of Mace Equipment are considerable to be a high-garde (as well as the hit rate, etc., as well as the value of force, as well as the hit rate). However, the increase in the number of attacks and the upper limit are not far to warrior position, so it is a story that is limited to the end of the order!

However, recovery spells… especially those who are the use of state abnormal recovery are also a risky part that the monk stands in the avant-garde. It is also important to keep other members with other members with other members if there are some margins.

By the way, it is often misunderstood, but at least in the “five trials”, the avant-garde position is not the most targeted…… 1 to 3 (avant-garde) of the Captain is parallel and there is no difference between where to place it anywhere. It is recommended that you do not have a thieve or monk that is the worst and monks in the 4th position when the ally becomes uncontrollable

By the way, if you introduce one more thing to the specification, “Running” is “depends on the skills of the character that chosen this action whether you can escape” according to the manual. Simply choosing a character with a high speed of quickness is easy to escape…… I wonder if there is an element that is considered to be more likely from the battle that is expected to be severe, “. Yabei, there is something that loses to run away!

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