Madden 22: So you wins the Super Bowl

Also in the football simulation Madden NFL 22, it’s about the long and arduous path to the Super Bowl. After the NFL season waves on the big final, NFL season Esport gives an insight into the daily business of a team owner in Madden: How authentic is the trip to Super Bowl?

Everything starts in the mode ‘Franchise’. Here you can first decide whether to take over a real-existing team or rather build your own franchise. As a ‘owner’ you get the complete control, while you as ‘coach’ only focus on the team and the players. But you can also start a ‘Player career’ and as a star quarterback strive to the way to Hall of Fame.

Madden 22 - The Super Bowl vs Tom Brady! Face of the Franchise EP 22 PS5 NFL Gameplay
Especially as the owner of the team you have a lot to do and are responsible for both the performance of your troupe as well as for the trumber. For example, contracts want to negotiate, or the price for the hot dogs in the stadium are adapted.

The way to the final: this is to be considered

The most important steps to success resemble in every career. First of all, you should always deal with the existing team. How is the average age ordered? Where are gaps in the width? Is the quarterback good enough to get to Super Bowl? Each position wants to be well occupied, a season lasts long.

Employees around the team must also be promoted. In different talent trees, you can use ‘Staff Point’ to enhance both your ‘offensive’ and your ‘defensive coordinators’. In preparation, it is also enormously important to further improve the team. Through trades or drafts, you get some ways to adapt the squad to your ideas. Always keep in mind the free agents, because here you can wait for real superstars at the latest on the second season.

Have you managed everything around your club and are satisfied with the team, then it is from matchday to matchday about the play-offs to the final for the title. Here is a new feature in Madden 22, namely the scouting of your coming opponent. This is the key to experience weaknesses of your counterparty in advance while perfecting your own ‘GamePlan’.

In which formation do you want to send your open to the game? How should your defense behave? To answer and adjust such questions and deeper tactical subtleties, the scouting is essential.

New Super Bowl Jubilee ensures a variety

Although a large revolution in the current part is missing, some differences in the gameplay can be seen in the previous year’s version. The players run a little slower over the field, but the general feeling is thus closer to reality. Until you hurry from victory to victory, of course, the control must sit, the many pass options during a game can overwrite beginners. But those who take the time will be able to carry out any attacks of the playbook and thus penetrate through the conference finals to the Super Bowl.

Practice creates masters. Also in Madden. EA SPORTS

In terms of authenticity Madden 22 has made a step forward. The introduction of the ‘Dynamic Gamedays’ brings new facets into gaming experience. Not only is there improved atmosphere through new fan behavior or more realistic team movements on the sideline. Also the ‘Gameday Momentum’ is a strong innovation. Home Games give extra benefits, you take control of a match, your players also receive a boost.

Who rewards after a lengthy season with the victory in the Super Bowl, on the waiting for new animations of the cheering players and trailers. However, the spectacle for in between remains this year: a half-time show is not in the game. Madden is now aiming for the football purists. In the ‘franchise’ mode very convincing.

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