New Action RPG “Babylons Fall” Prior Trial for PS Programs started from February 25! Paid battle path is also free

Square Enix is ​​a new action RPG “Babylon’s Fall) ” Babylon’s Fall (Babylon’s Fall) “PS5 / PS4 for PS5 / PS4. We announced more delivery.

This work is a “NIER: AUTOMATA” tag with Square Enix and Platinum Games jointly developed, up to four people can enjoy a hack and slash that can be played for up to 4 people RPG. The player will be a warrior “Sentonel”, who is a special bracing “Gideon Coffin”, and he will capture a huge tower “Babylon” that a huge heritage will sleep with his friends. A wide range of buildings and combos with a combination of oil painting with your own filter and a combination of the combined combination of weapons and combos are a major feature.

In the preceding trial version of this work, you can experience online multiplays with up to four people from the opening of the game including the tutorial. In addition, it is possible to take over to the PS version of the PS version that will be officially launched on March 3 (Thursday). Furthermore, if you reserve the PS version “Digital Deluxe Edition” and “Collector’s Edition”, you can continue early with Early access to be held from Monday, February 28.

In addition, this work is scheduled for a large-scale update in the “season” cycle of about three months, and from February 25 (Fri) to May 31 (Tuesday), the Season 1 “Kuon no Giant Tower” is opened schedule. In addition, in each season, there is a free / paid “battle path” that can earn luxurious rewards through gameplay. And the season 1 “Kuon’s Giant Tower” paid battle path “Premium Battle Pass” is free to open for free.

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“Babylons Fall” is scheduled to be released from March 3 (Thursday), March 3 (Thursday) for PS5 / PS4 / PC (STeam), price is normal version 8,580 yen (tax included), digital deluxe edition is 11,880 yen (tax included), collector’s Edition is 19,980 yen (tax included).

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