Revendawn Eternal is coming. Albion Online Game, in which we will be able to earn

I will definitely associate Ravendawn online. Albion Online game to be a combination of Tibia and Albion Online (we wrote about it many times, here, here or here).

RavendaWN Eternal is a Albion Online game from the same creators, except that this version will be based on Blockchain and NFT technology.

This in turn allows RavendaWN Eternal to use the term “play to earn” (play to earn). In theory, each player will be able to evatify the cryptolts and turn it to real money. In theory…

However, most importantly, Ravendawn Eternal will work separately from Ravendawn online. Players who prefer a standard Albion Online – will choose ordinary RavendaWN, and players preferring cryptolts – Ravendawn Eternal.

RavendaWN Eternal is another evolution in the Play & Earn Gaming game, offering a breakthrough Albion Online 2.5D experience based on Blockchain, which has been developed over the last 5 years to create a really addictive and dynamically changing world full of history, puzzle, players and strong decisions Economy of the game driver!

Ravendawn Eternal - review of the new Play & Earn 2.5D MMORPG game on the touch Polygon, NFT

While RavendaWN has a nice and nostalgic graphic style, the game focuses on building the depth of the world, adapting players and systems based on artificial intelligence to provide a rich, vivid world.

Ravendawn Eternal is to be released a few months after the Prime Minister Ravendawn Online (ie Q3 / Q4 2022).

Here you will find more information.

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