Communication 3, Galaxy S22 Booking Sales … “Give NFT”

SK Telecom KT LG Yuplus, such as communication, three companies will enter the Galaxy S22 for sale from 14th to 21 days. In addition to various prizes on smartphone reservation sales, promotions that utilize NFT are started and attract attention.

First, SK Telecom will proceed with the promotion that provides a virtual asset exchange cobist and NFT through collaboration with Lifestyle Brand ‘Peaches.’

SK Telecom will participate in the reservation of the Galaxy S22 series and complete the opening of the opening and draw two thousand for the event by March 14, and one of the NFTs of SK Telecom and Peaches. When winning, an EDRium-based NFT is provided as a kobbit account. The Kobab will be on the second half of this year.

The Galaxy S22 pop-up store is also packed in the metaverse space. SK Telecom implement the pop-up store of the company’s official online mall T Direct Shop in the Aprand app and exhibits the Galaxy S22 3D model and conduct a professional counseling. A drawing show utilizing the S-pen is also implemented in the meta bus.

SK Telecom offers Benz, Golf Supplies Brand Mark Anroa and Galaxy S22 ultra limited edition editions. The Mercedes-EQ edition is 2,000, Mark & ​​Lona Edition is $ 1,000.

KT mainly presented ‘choice’ promotions that can ask for content, electronic products, such as affiliate card discounts, electronics.

Samsung Electronics and Existing Season, Genie +, Netflix, Disney +, Hyundai Card, Body Friend Choice, and new Samsung Choice and 5G Fee Discount on our card choice.

By joining Samsung Choice, you can use a free or discounted price to a free or discounted price, a more free style, a bis fork cube white & via package, a bis fork cube air, Galaxy Burj 2, and Galaxy Tab A7 lights. Our card choice will be discounted to discount 5G fare for up to 7,000 won.

In addition, we operate promotions that can subscribe to Mt. Mt.

Samsung Galaxy S22 INSANE Deals + Trade In Credit!

LG U Plus is a Galaxy S22 followed by the Galaxy S22, which is a good-looking dedicated plan that provides Netflix and a Yewet Premium, followed by various promotions.

Priority Proceeds to events and acquaintances, and roulette events, which will present a department store gift certificate daily. It also shows a separate lottery event in the official online directory.

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