UNREAL ENGINE 5 renounces initial royalties

Last update there is May 28, 2020

According to Epic Games, developers who use Unreal Engine 5 will not have to pay royalties until they exceed $ 1 million in revenue. This new generation engine will be available on all platforms and removing royalties aims to help small studios find their niche in the industry. The developers are already at work using the power of Unreal Engine 5 and the waiver of the initial royalties can be attractive to other developers who have been able to use their own engines in the past. Xbox and PlayStation both use the power of Unreal Engine 5 for their new generation games, but a reduced engine version is also available for current generation consoles and mobiles.

“You can download and use Unreal Engine to create free games as you have always done, except for royalties are now canceled on your first million dollars of gross income,” said an official release from Epic Games. “The new license conditions of Unreal Engine, which are retroactive on January 1, 2020, give game developers an unprecedented advantage over other engine license models.” Epic Games has been extremely user-friendly for developers with Epic Games Store and the removal of initial fees for teams that use Unreal Engine 5 is another way to encourage developers to work with them.

The Unreal Engine 5 demo was originally presented on the PS5 hardware, but it is even better on high-end PCs. While we are looking forward to seeing all creations using UE5 on new generation material, we are also curious to see what developers use the engine on the current generation material leading to the output of the PS5 and the Xbox Series. X. A reduction in royalties in this manner will help independent developers find their place before paying EPIC Games for the use of the engine.

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