Back on the circuits in Gran Turismo 7

Aftergran Turismo Sport_, the eponymous series returns to an eighth main component, GRAN TURISMO 7. Developed by Polyphony Digital and edited by Sony Interactive Entertainment, the automotive simulation game comes out on March 4 on PS4 and PS5.

A return to the source for the most nostalgic of the first opus of Gran Turismo, combined with the technical modernity offered by the PS5. This is the promise made by the Polyphony Digital studio. Gran Turismo 7 wants to be an ode to the glory of the automobile for both kind experts and for the neophytes. For the most collectibles of you, more than 400 cars that will be proposed, customizable, both aesthetically and technically. At its launch, GT7 will propose 97 circuits in just over 30 different destinations, something you occupy a little while.

Among the news of the title, the Music Replay option will allow you to create videos of your shopping where the camera changes will be punctuated by the music chosen in a library rich of 300 pieces of 75 artists. And for those who wish to live the musical experience thoroughly, Music Rally mode will offer challenges related to different songs. Finally, two graphic modes will be available. Frame Rate mode and its 60 FPS as well as a tracing ray mode designed mainly to put it full view in replays and photo mode.

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Features of Gran Turismo 7

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