Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies announces the update of Ray Gun

Call of Duty: Vanguardia Just add one of the most popular zombie weapons, if not the most popular, of all time, and Treyarch Studios is already planning to improve it soon. We are talking, of course, from the ray gun, the pierced zombies weapon that ends with zombies groups instantly and leaves others moving as “crawling” with their unique style and their splatter damage. Treyarch announced this week that he plans to improve the weapon at a nearby update, although they have not yet given details about which parts of the weapon will be improved.

The profit announcement was shared in social networks this week to alert fold vanguard zombies players about plans to make the weapon strongest. Ray Gun works almost exactly as many players expected him to do so in vanguardia considering how well the zombie players have become familiar with the weapon along the series, but it could apparently have been a bit stronger. Fortunately, we will see that it is corrected in a later update.

Treyarch also encouraged players to try to get along the other wonderful weapon that was added at the beginning of the second season: the decimal shield. It is located within the experience of Terra Mulledica as well as Ray Gun, and although it is naturally more defensive by nature since it is a shield, that is not all that is capable of doing.

Vanguard RAYGUN is CRAZY! The new raygun is now in Vanguard Zombies...
«Explore ‘Terra Mulledict’ To discover the decimator Shield, a completely new Wonder Weapon that offers superior protection and the powerful Decimation BLAST skill,” Treyarch on the new weapon when the season was about to launch. “With a unique personality, Decimator is very happy to help the Freedom Wrestlers of Krafft to end the army of Living Dead of Von List.”

Each time this update finally falls, players can probably expect it to have a decent size. It is not as big as the update that introduced the season itself, but it is larger than the routine update, since it is likely to solve the problems discovered after the launch of the second season and rebalance weapons like Ray Gun and others in Multiplayer And it called duty: war zone, which did not meet expectations.

Call of Duty: Vanguard’s Ray Gun should be updated and updated at any time, so Treyarch’s social networks are attentive to see what the plans are as soon as they are announced.

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