The new crowd AA in Cyberpunk 2077 was too advanced for PS4 and Xbox One

The patch 1.5 of _ Cyberpunk 2077 _No only updated it to include its versions of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, but also brought with yourself several important improvements that change certain elements of the game. Among them we have the system of crowds, which thanks to the power of the new hardware, it is already possible to meet more people and vehicles by flying by Night City.

Old Bug + New Crowd AI in Cyberpunk 1.5

As part of a recent interview with IGN , Radek Grabowski, Director of International Public Relations for CDPR , explained that this new system of crowds was only possible to achieve in PS5 and Series X | S Due to the advanced that both consoles are.

“I can say that all these changes that were made to Cyberpunk 2077 by updates, and that it was a technically complex game in itself, it is becoming even more. This complexity requires more resources – such as faster storage, or more memory that is normally finite in consoles. With this in mind, we make the decision to only introduce these improvements in new generation consoles, to continue offering the best possible and stable experience in PS4 and Xbox One. “

cdpr did not mention what other functions could also have been cut from versions of ps4 and xbox one, but it is clear that cyberpunk 2077 in ps5 and x | s series is finally the experience that It should always have been.

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