All Vista locations in the eastern Laiterre in Lost Ark

Lost Ark has many areas for research that allow the player to watch the cities and districts. They are called Vista locations, and they fill different parts of the tomb of the adventurist.

Where to find all Vista locations in the eastern Lometer in Lost Ark

We will go through each area in alphabetical order. Each location must be explored, which cannot be done if the character is under attack.

Chapel Blackrobe – Cemetery Cliffside Vista, location

East Luterra All Vistas Lost Ark
To get to this place on the northeast side of the chapel of black roses, you need a lot of jumps. The player needs only to make two large jump on the way down.

Boree Domain – Destroyed Vista Fortress Location

It is located on the northwestern side of the Borea domain, and it is a little difficult to find. Instead of going directly to the area marked above, players must pass a little further north and climb the stairs. Then they can go back. He goes to the card, so he is higher.

CROCONYS SEASHORE – Beautiful Location Shore Vista

The location is located on the northeast side of the first island in Croconys Seashore. This is southwest of the card. On the map is full of pirates, so players should be careful.

CROCONYS SEASHORE – Abandoned Bandits Camp Vista Location

On the northeast side of the map you will find it after passing the cave in the rock. You will find Vista where it is shown on the map. Keep in mind that there are many pirates here, so this is a big fight.


You can find it by passing through the stone cave on the northeast side of the card. It requires a lot of jumps to get up, and it is best to find it at the end. Thus, instead of returning to the starting point, you can teleport to another island when finished.

Plain hole – Rock overlooking the birthplace of Nahuna Vista

You can find it on the southeast side of the card. The return path requires some jumps, and it is a little annoying, as there is no quick way back. This is probably the easiest of the list, because there are not so many obstacles here, and it is only two short lifts.

Blooming Garden – Destroyed Vista Location village

Go to the northern point on the map and stop without reaching the waypoint. Instead, go further east to the rocks. You can simply jump from the cliff when you finish, but this is a cool scene.

LEYAR TERRACE – Vista Azenapori

You can find this place on the western side of the card. Once you get to the middle waypoint, the area shown above will be within walking distance. At the end of the long way overlooking the dead end.

Terrace Leyar – Waterfall in the country Purus Vista Location

You must accurately follow the directions on the map. From the line leaving the limits of the card, follow exactly on it to leave the card too. Go on this path to Vista itself.


The track point is located north of the card center. At the very edge of the Card Country Country Sunflower will be around some houses.

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