Cyberpunk 2077: Wish after 60 fps on Xbox Series S is examined

Xbox Series S Frame Rate Boost For CyberPunk 2077 Is Being

Currently, players are increasingly visiting the streets of the futuristic Night City. Reason is the update 1.5 published on Tuesday for cyberpunk 2077, with which long-awaited improvements and the next-gene upgrade had to enter the game. In the Official Forum List Cd project Red a few problems that are examined after UPDATE 1.5. For XBox it currently seems to give. However, the developer there also writes something to the FPS on Xbox Series S, which is likely to make owners a little hope. Because on Xbox Series S, after the Next-Gen upgrade, there is a dynamic resolution of 1440p at 30 fps. The desire for 60 fps is therefore great. For CD project Red, you want to check at least the desire for raising the FPS upper limit on Xbox Series S. You can not call details. You do not know if this is possible at all.

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