Death Come True is a new FMV game of the creator of Danganronpa

INSANE Japanese Movie Game by the creator of Danganronpa | Death Come True (Full FMV Game)

Danganronpa creator Kazutaka Kodaka creates a new moving video game entitled “Death Come True”, according to Monday’s ad. It was not announced on which platforms the game will be published, but the official announcement said that the main actor of the game will be revealed Tuesday. The official website of the game contains a list The people involved in the project: * Game Manager: Kazutaka Kodaka * Manufacturer: Shinsuke Umeda * Creation Director: Shunsuke Kamata * Publisher: Izanagi Games What do you think of this news? Are you intrigued by this next FMV game? Have you the assumptions about who is the main actor? If you are an danganronpa fan, have you hurried to the new Kodaka game or would you refer to another danganronpa game? Go ahead and express yourself in the Comments section under the article. Look to

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