GOG GALAXY 2.0 update connects games and players

GOG GALAXY 2.0 Atlas Update overview

The formerly known update as the Atlas code, subject to beta tests, is available as Gog Galaxy 2.0, offering several new features and correcting many known bugs. The customization of the list display and GOG GALAXY 2.0 grid as well as overall search facilitate the search for friends, games and other things on the platform in one search. Although there are many quality of life changes and that the update corrects many user interface problems, GOG recognizes that there are items such as bookmarks between devices and setting notifications. Manual day of the game they intend to bring to the platform during future updates. The GOG GALAXY 2.0 update is available now because it includes all your games and all your friends in one place for a convenience comparable to that of Steam.

The GOG GALAXY 2.0 update allows you to start or install a game from any platform. It uses an algorithm to search for your metadata, allowing players to search with tags, evaluations or genres. The overview of the update of the new Links Awakening and God of War update alongside known PC titles such as System Shock and Apex Legends. Since you can link games of any platform to GOG, this can in particular follow your play time and your rank for each title. Rearrange the columns is as simple as drag-and-drop, while GOG offers many ways to sort their library from time to the developer or even the critical note. The GOG GALAXY 2.0 update even allows players to remove the game icon in their library for those who are tired of visual landmarks.

New Sections on Gog are added to the new features, such as a “News” window that highlights the new features and a new section of the sidebar that manages active downloads, queued and finished. Players can now see what friends have the same games and check if their friends play a game of gog.com in the game view of this game. Support for overlay is officially active for Vulkan games and delay From the superposition of certain games has been corrected with other bugs corrected by the correction of the GOG GALAXY 2.0 update.

Have you checked the GOG GALAXY 2.0 update or were you already in beta? What games you will synchronize with your GOG account? Let us know in the comments below!

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