LOL: Canyons mathematical play that has caused the madness of Korean commentators

The competitive circuit of League of Legends is increasingly settled and many teams are already taking the first pieces of being the best in their region. Rogue In Europe is sweeping and even ranked for the next phase, while in the LPL there is a triple tie in the fight for leadership with Uzi, leaving the head from time to time by showing that he is the best in history. But this time we will focus on the LCK, which for many is the best league in the world, to talk about a play that has marveled all the spectators today thanks to the enormous mechanical skill that is required to perform this kind of Combos.

Korean Casters (LCK EDITION)

The situation is easy to understand: almost half an hour of departure and Damwon Kia was with a crossroads seeing that KT Rolster could get with the infernal soul having an ideal team for it since he had champions that burst the weak as he can Be Leblanc or bass. That is why they needed if or if this dragon in order to have options to continue advancing little in the game and end up winning the series that was on the third map. That’s when Canyon, the smaliest class, came with the Lee without him to show that he is the best jungle of the whole league and even from all over the world.

First, I would get the Sonic Q – Sonic Wave to Bass, although this really was not the goal but it was enough to launch, then throw the guard and use the W – safeguard and burn the flash next to the R – IRA Dragon to reach the ADC and leave it without options to live. This would cause KT to be from the area and Damwon got a pretty important dragon to completely athletic a game that was very risky for both teams.

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