Where to find Likey Likey Mokoko Gift Package in Lost Ark

The gift package “Probably probably MOKOK” in Lost Ark is a little confusing, as players must search another subject . Players need to find a lot of “Many Muroko” gift package to get a gift set “Probably probably MOCO”, which can be collected in the “Book of Aventureturist”.

Where to find a Gift Plenty Plenty Mokoko

You can find Gift Plenty Plenty Mokoko in Suitotersky Forest B Cooker . Explore the most South edge of the cards south-east of Sweet fruit forest . Your player will dig inside and pull out the gift package “Many Much Mochok”.

The map below shows where it is located.

Plenty Plenty Mokoko Gift Package You can eat by right-clicking on it. After that, you can unlock the gift set “probably probably mocoko” in its “Book of Aventurer”.

Quest is simple, but be careful. Plenty Plenty Mokoko gift package is protected from seven to ten enemies, which are quickly reborn. It is best to get a lot of “lot a lot of wet” and run to the west to the nearest waypoint where you can safely eat fruit.

Likey Likey Mokoko Gift Package Lost Ark
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