Round-control Auto Battle Game “Team Fight Tactics” Mid Set “Neon Night” is implemented on February 17, 2022 (Thu)! New champions / characteristics and audiment, customized content added

RIOT Games, Inc. (US Corporation Roppongi, President / CEO: Koji Shanji), a Japanese corporation of INC. (In the following, TFT), we noted that the new set “Neon Night” is implemented on February 17, 2022 (Thu).

RIOT Games, Inc. (US Corporation Roppongi, President / CEO: Koji Shanji), a Japanese corporation of INC. (In the following, TFT), we will inform you that the new set “Neon Night” is implemented on February 17, 2022 (Thu).

The first half of the Gizmo & Gadget is over, and the future that has increased the brilliance… New Augment, Customized Content and Champions are the arrival of “Neon Night” waiting.

# New champion / characteristic list

New characteristics / champion information from the following URL!

# Neon Night Little Legend

A new Mistaking of his little legend will appear in “Neon Night”. “Project ABYSSIA (Avicia)” has come to see the latest technology and has come to “borrow” more technologies.

“Project ABYSSIA” that tears the enemy with SF-like cool and good sound effects, dropped from any “Neon Night Tamago” (490 RP / TC) with a 2% probability.

# Gizmo & Gadget Path II

Gizmo & Gadget Paths II can play TFT as well as past paths to collect XP and earn free content. I want to aim at all the pass rewards! For those, please consider purchasing path + with 1295 RP / TC.

As the first trail of the history, the final board of this pass + is the Tear 3 Arena (Interactive Arena) “Poison Museum”.

In addition to this new Tier 3 Arena, there is also a reward that only the true residents of Neon Nighte, such as Tia 1 Arena, Boom, Little Legend, Tamago, Star, and Pass + Limited Little Legend, are also available. increase.

See the following URL for more information on rewards available in the path.

# Hook Stick Battle Arena

“Neon Night” releases the fental field of fate that chunks and pengs compete for Battlebot arms. “Hextec Battle” Arena is a near-future e-sports arena, which produces a game with more than 50 dedicated voices that flow according to the play content. It is batchy even if you win even if you win.

I want to have my own play live with Robo Announce! The price is 1900 rp / tc.

# Change of game experience

# # Temporary recording function

On the UI that lists the opponent, the icon will be displayed next to the unmatched tactichan. The icon means that it is likely to hit next.

# # Augmented Battle History

Augment now appears in the match history.

# Mid set-Change to Augment

# # Advance and retrofit of an augment

First, the relevant trajectory of the deleted characteristics (academy, impreventive) has retired. On the other hand, more than 80 Augments have been added this time. Look forward to a new face tile, the fact that tries to the ability, and enjoy the fun.

In addition, a large number of balanced readjustments are performed on characteristic audits (details are as long as later).

For the development team’s favorite augment, please refer to the following URL article.

See the following URL for other update information.

# About Riat Games

Liat Games was founded in 2006 with the aim of providing game development, publishing, and player support, which focused on the most players in the world.

Liat released a League of Legend (LOL), which will make a debut work in 2009 and acquired high rating around the world. This work is a PC game that is most often played around the world, and is a major driving force for explosive growth of E sports.

Now that LOL has reached 10 years from birth, Riat continues to evolve this work, “Team Fight Tactics”, “Legend of Runterter”, “Valorant” so that you can provide new game experiences to the player., “League of Legend: Wildlift”, and other developments are also developed in several titles. In addition, we continue searching for the world of Runterterer, through a multimedia project such as music, comic books, and television.

In addition, the Liat launched a series of RIOT Forge (Liat Forge), which works on publishing. RIOT Forge works with third-party developers and develops new games on LOL world. The first work “Ruined King: A League of Legends Story” for Riot Forge is a turn-like role-playing game (RPG) that has developed AirShip Syndicate.

The Liat, which is founded by Brandon Beck and Mark Merrill, and Liat, Liators, Los Angeles, California, has a headquarters in Los Angeles, and works with 3000 layers in the office expanded to more than 20 regions. More than 2,500 staff members are enrolled.

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# About Team Fight Tactics

“Team Fight Tactics” (TFT) is a round-based autobattle game that plays against eight players to win to the end.

Players organize teams with champions (characters) and place champions on the map and play. Campion attributes and combinations, etc. can be activated and the battle can be advanced advantageously. It is required to be instantaneously judged and executed within each round limit time.

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