LOL: corejj will not play the first super week of the Spring 2022 LCS

Jo “corejj” yong-in returned to the LCS last weekend, putting the last piece of Super Team Liquid who seeks to win everything. The League of Legends Former World Champion had to deal with the naturalization procedure, which will allow it to compete in North America as a resident. Because it is something out of control even of Riot Games , Corejj had to wait patiently for approval.

After having satisfactory days with the team, Agrielges News arrived. Team Liquid will not keep your star quintet for the Super Week. Through a publication in social networks, the League of Legends division communicated the adjustment for the next three games.

“For week four, Eyla [Bill Nguyen] will play at the LCS since Corejj has to deal with personal matters. He will return for the games of the five week of the LCS, “he shared. “And I’m back for a week,” he said the support on his Twitter account.

As is logical, there was no more information about the CoreJJ case. Personal matters usually (and must) remain in the privacy of the player and the corresponding administration. In addition, it is an absence of a week, not the goodbye of South Korean to spring competition.

Team Liquid has experience playing with EYLA. The Australian participated in the Lock in of the LCS, playing with Steven “Hans Sama” Liv. He came to the grand final and dispatched Evil Geniuses with a 3-0. For what the next three games is expected do not end with defeats. These are against Golden Guardians, dignitas and TSM, which is also the shock of Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg with the old house of it.

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Corejj will return to face 100 Thieves and Immortals on the weekend of March 5. While the regular phase barely reached 50% of its duration, it can not loosen the step.

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