Masaden direct delivery? Gabe Newwell reports that he has delivered “Steam Deck”

A writable gaming PC “ Steam Deck ” developed and launched by Valve and the company CEO has been posted with a writable writing board site Site Reddit.

According to writing, Bitfiddler0 of the contributor received an email that the delivery date of Steam Deck will be defeated several days ago the other day. He was quison of seminarship date on the day of delivery and went on skiing with his friends, and he had left his wife an answering course.

And it was Newwell, with a camera crew, and he said he said, “I want you to send an email if there is anything if you have an impression”. Days Bitfiddler0 received a Steam Deck with signed cases, and he said he regret that he missed a great opportunity to meet Newwell.

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He also uploads the screenshot of his home surveillance camera as the proof of this story, and Newwell can confirm the appearance that Newwell wears the STEAM DECK logo-in shirt and delivered..

In addition, other contributors reported that STeam Deck has received from Newwell. Furthermore, he said that he had distributed devices regardless of pre-reservation in the neighborhood, and it is guessed to be used for “promotion” because camera crew was taken.

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