Cacao Games, MMORPG ODin: Balgir Rising

Cacao Games Get Mega Hitting ‘Odin: Fall Rising (hereinafter “Odin’) ”

ODIN: Valhalla Rising - Taiwan CBT - Sorceress lvl 1~31 - PC Version - Mobile/PC - F2P - TW

‘Odin:’ Odin ‘in the name of Taiwan’ s name, ‘Odin’ on Taiwan launched CBT for three days from February 25 to February 27. As a game that caused a blasting blast in Korea in 2021, the interest in the global first aspiration of ‘Odin: New Born’ was explosive.

Users who participated in this CBT did not have a favorite to the localized system for the gorgeous combat, no loading of the game, and the localized system.

The responses of local users participating in the test were also hot. First of all, users have been enthusiastic about the highest level of “Odin: New Below”, and the highest completeness of ‘Odin: New Born’, which was full of fascinating scenarios. Following the popularity of SNS, the social followers of various SNSs, such as ‘Odin: New Benefits’ and user communities,

In addition, during the test period, local influers also play “Odin: New Benefits” and say not praise for graphics and content, and we wait for the formal launch of the game.

In addition, since March 2, Cacao Games will advance to the ‘Odin: New’ official homepage, ‘ Start the character name and server preemption ‘event. It is also carried out to use a ‘friend invitation 2.0’ event, which is a ‘friend invitation 2.0’ event, which is a ‘friend invitation 2.0’ event, which will be used to give a gift to local users every week through the lottery since March 4, and various promotions.

“The Cacao Games official said,” I was able to guess the successful launch of the successful Taiwan’s success through this CBT, “he said..

‘Odin’ is a masterpiece multi-platform game that won the ‘Target’ from the ‘2021 Korea Games’. This game is a lot of popular graphics, fascinating combat, and a variety of combat content, and 2022 update roadmaps.

‘Odin: New (? Ding: Deity “is a joint preparation for the moment of launching in the first half of 2022.

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