Kim Jung-joo Nexon founder

As Kim Jung-joo Nexon founder announced, it is a writer to memorialize the deceased in each of them.

Lee, Jeong-myeon, Nexon Korea, said, “Nexon was a mentor in Nexon’s founder and my life, and Kim Jung-ju, who was respected, and the president of Kim Jung-joo, who was respected,” I can not speak this sadness now ” Kim Jung-joo was curious in various fields, and if I find myself, I was in the same pure passion for a young child, so I liked it, so I liked the children of the world. I was sincere to experience and have a healthy growing and healthy. “

“The Kim Jung-joo, who I know, was more loved Nexon than anyone else, and I would like to tell some of them, and I was in his mind, The company, born in a small country, is that everyone in the global global name is made to make it as a company, and the smile that smiled brightly is still smile. But again, I said that my chest is d1. “

This representative will do our best to make his will, and Nexon’s executives continue his will, and in the world we live, and we are so sad. Today, Nexon Family, Nexon Family All of you I would like to remember and remember the President Kim Jung-ju, who watched us in the sky and cheer. “

Kim Tae-jin, NCsoft, said, “I have left my friend I love.” I felt the greatest pain that I felt, “he said,” I love you, I love you. “

Net Marble Chairman said, “I would like to thank Kim Jong-ju, who has made a great contribution to the Korean IT and the game industry development. When I met in Jeju Island, “There is no forever” the pioneer footsteps of the deceased left us a great deal of a great deal of foot. I always feel deep affection and honor for the life of a deceased who worried about the future of the game industry, and I feel infinite sadness as a long-time game industry.. Sadness tells the meaning of a deep mourning to the family of the deceased. “

Nam Gong Hoon Kakao’s staff said, “It is the sorrow of the industry.

Nexon major PDs also made a deceased through the SNS space. Kim Dong-gun Devcat Studio representative said, “I gave me a lot of opportunities for me to call me and trust me. Thank you. Thank you.

Lee Eun-seok, said, “I gave me a lot of opportunities and gloriously took a gloriously to the world,” he said, “I’m so shocking and unraveling,” I’m so shocked and unraveling. “I put it down.

Political powers were also remembers the deceased. In addition to Lee Jae-sang, the Candidate Democratic President Democratic President said, “I will show my mourning on the Bedo of Nexon Kim Jung-joo”, “I can not compare the sadness of sudden news,” said SNS.

Lee Joon-seok ‘s defeating is “a big star.” I will show you the stars of Kim Jung-joo, “he said,” “I will not be able to talk about Kim Jung-joo’s contribution to the development of the game industry in Korea.” He added, “I am remembrated with a non-heart,” he added.

Nexon founder Kim Jung-Ju dies at 54
President of the Kwon Kwon Kwon Kwon’s election Council Policy The head of the Policy Policy “is a sudden blow of Kim Jung-joo Nexon’s sudden.” He is the main station to the game power, “he said,” I will remember the representation for a long time with the Memories of Cart Rider and Jeju Nexon Computer Museum Space ” I said.

Chairman of the Korean Games of Korea, said, “I have just heard a sad beave that Kim Jung-ju, Nexon founder Kim Jung-ju,” he said, “he said,” he said, “he said.”

President Lee Jae Hong said, “The big stars of the Korean Gaming system are falling,” The big star of the Korean game system is falling. Even the concept of the game was united, Nexon, a representative game company of Korea, the representative game company of the Republic of Korea, I am a sad heart with surprises in the entrepreneurial formation of entrepreneurship. “

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